The 100 Days Project v2.0

In 2009-2010 I participated in The 100 Days Project, taking and posting one photograph every day for 100 days. The photos didn’t necessarily represent each day or relate to each other, but the collection (you can see most of them here) now serves as a time capsule of that ~3 months of my life.

Last week I started The 100 Days Project v2.0. This time instead of a huge group of people it’s just one other and me, and we’re using each other’s photographs as inspiration for our own. We have few rules except a photo every day, and so far it’s been an excellent way to direct my creativity rather than restrict it.

I won’t be posting daily photos for the project on this blog. If you’d like to see them as they’re published you can find them in my 100 Days v2.0 flickr album or among the rest of the chatter on twitter.

The 100 Days Project v2.0

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