In January 1914 the Political Equality League held a satirical mock parliament in Manitoba. Prime Minister Nellie McClung heard gentlemen’s pleas to be allowed to vote, complimented them on their appearance, and told them they were made for something higher. She said politics would unsettle them and lead to more divorce. Two years later Manitoba became the first Canadian province to give women the right to vote.

McClung went on to be one of the famous five women who brought the “Persons Case” to the Supreme Court and then to the Judicial Committee to finally rule that women were indeed people (legally “qualified people” able to sit on the Canadian Senate.)

In living memory are these heroes who stood up and spoke out so I am a legally-recognized person with the right to vote. So I vote, even if sometimes it feels like participating in a play where grinning improv actors will say anything to make you applaud before they fall asleep backstage.


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