What scale would you use to answer the question, “Why are you here?” where why means for what purpose? Here in this place right now, or here in your current situation this season, or living on the planet at all, ever?

For me, for many scales, these answers have recently changed very quickly. I live somewhere new and most of my habits have been forced to adapt. This new setting has encouraged me to examine my life by the largest scale. To look not at what I want to do tonight or this weekend, but at what I want my situation to be ten or twenty years from now, or further. Where do I want to be in the world as well as what person do I want to be in the world? And how do I get there?

Like most people I dynamically create assumptions about where I’m heading from day to day, without paying much attention to the why. So what’s interesting now is realizing I can take control and change the result. It feels like knowing there’s an extra line of text beneath the words I’m reading, and I’ve suddenly remembered to read it too.


One thought on “Scale

  1. Hi Jen:
    Life transitions have a way of changing one’s field of vision from the immediate here and now to something much broader in scope. Rather than asking “what will I do this weekend?” (short term) or “what is my next exciting new project?” (medium term, but still within the usual, unexamined frame of reference), we find ourselves asking, “what is my grand purpose in life?” or “now that I’ve done X Y and Z, what is next for me?”

    I have been going through this myself recently. I have decided upon a major career shift, and am wrapping up things in my current job. It is easier now that I have made the decision, committed to it, and announced it. I feel like I am in the driver’s seat again. But I have to say that the year or more leading up to the decision was a difficult twisty path. I was asking myself a lot of the big existential questions.

    I think it is important to reflect on life’s big questions from time to time, but it is not a state of mind that is sustainable over time, at least for me.



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